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Start A Site offers Instant Set-up Website Builder.

Building Websites was never so Easy to Accomplish using this Powerful Website Builder. Freindly user interface & Unique components for attractive as well as effective website presence.
For those who can: You do have the option to Custom Code these templates using HTML5, CSS3 or JavaScript. Themes developed on Bootstrap coded HTML5, CSS3, and JS site framework. Developments are Responsive, Mobile First created templates.

Security Pin Code Entry option

For added security, you have the option and choice to activate this feature for only you to enter or authorize.
This Code is needed to enter your website to make changes. This code is only sent to your primary email, whenever a Request to Enter is initiated.

Change Content or Change
Template At-Will without losing Content

Your Content, if you choose, is transferred over to your new Template. All changes you make are immediately available on Internet. Start A Site offer packages which include resourceful Functions and Features in a Content Management System you'll need when building your unique websites. Easily Make any Change and it's Online INSTANTLY!.

Change Themes Anytime.

Your package gives you the power to change themes at will.

Your website is Hosted and on Autopilot.

When you want Change and a New Unique Look, Feel and a certain Functionality to your design, the website builder that you choose to create the design must be Highly Versatile.

Using these functions and featuers, different posiblities seems endless, yet easy! A Thousand Template Posiblities can be generated from each of our themes. Adequate functions and features, along with many custom designed Modules, Pre Created Pages, Sections/Content Blocks and Apps determine the number of different and unque templates that can be generated. Otherwise your just getting much of the same thing.

Your Package Choice

This determines the number of Modules, Content Blocks and posibilities offered.
The Basic Package has limited website builder Features, while the Pro Package included all except eCommerce features. Comparative, our packages have outstanding website builder features and options for website projects. You can:

Accept Donations

Install Events Calander

Google Maps


Choose Pro or Business Package and add Live Chat, and Discussion Forum

Interact with prospecting customers by Live Chat. Create your own Social Platform with a Blog. Install Discussion Forum - An online interaction system for your friends and visitors to engage in, on your site.

File Download, Install MP4 Videos, YouTube Videos, SEO Functions

and more. The tools are all available here

Contact Form, Custom Fields and Form Builder.

Create Form Fields to collect information, and interact visiters on your site.


Files Manager with 500,000 FREE Photos Library.
Photo Editing and other Tools

Also available to enhance the look and feel of your Photo Projects, offering more to create that special look. Changing up your Photos, and other Images to reflect your content and over-all style of your website.

Image Editer

Logo Generator

Create Your Own Logo

Your choice of graphics from Image galley.

Point & Click Icons to structure your pages.

eCommerce Business Package

OPEN AN ONLINE STORE Take your customers orders online

Shopping Cart (eCommerce) and your choice of Gateway.

You have Products or Services Options. Veriations in calculations. You have the ability to Sell, Manage Your Inventory, Accept Credit Cards, and Track Orders.

All Website Builder Packages are responsive to mobile devices!

Templates development and design coincide with search engines guildlines.

You Can Start Building Your Website in an instant!

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- Try Before You Buy Builder & Templates

FREE Template Samples to View and Edit using our Builder.
See How Easy This Is To Build Awesome Websites With.

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Many Marketing features to Drive Customers to your Website and Revenue your way.

Great Package Features

Website Builder Packages

Basic Builder

Pro Builder

Business Builder

Access Limited Functions /Features Extended Access eCommerce Full Access
Features 20 Themes Full Access Themes Full Access Themes
Limit Modules Extended Modules Unlimited Modules
Limit Content Blocks Extended Content Blocks Unlimited Content Blocks
Number of Pages 50 Page 500 Page 1500 Page
Number of Products in Shop N/A N/A Up To 100 Products in Shop
Discuss More If Needed
Number of Buiness eMails 5 10 Up To 50 Business eMails Accounts
Discuss More If Needed

Main Features:

Instant Set-up Builder

Fully Responsive / Mobile Ready

Change Templates At Will


Help Center

Choose A Template

Install Content - Make Changes

Change Choice of Templates
Help Center - How To Videos - Personnal Assistant

More Key Features:

• Automated installation, no files to setup

• SEO Friendly *Search Engine friendly links

• Intuitive interface

• Easily Add Subpages

• Drag & Drop Subpages to create submenus

• Add More Menus for better organization

• Built-in Extension, Templates and Apps Catalogue

• Built-in Templates Editor with 6 available theme layouts, 6 available menu styles, hundreds of fonts and thousands of customization options

• Over 60 Color Themes for Templates

• Predefined Content Blocks

• Easy Files Upload

• Google Analytics support

• Google XML Sitemap support

• Built-in Search Engine

• Social Media Features

• Users Online Counter and Hit-Counter

• Custom Metatags for Subpages

• Custom Favicon

• Themes Generator

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Discounts on 3, 6, & 12 MO Choice

$19.95 Setup Fee

3 GB Storage

10 GB Bandwidth

Up to

5 Business Emails

2 Sub Domains

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pro-builder lable: pro builder

Online Office



Discounts on 3, 6, & 12 MO Choice

$19.95 Setup Fee

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Up to

10 Business Emails

5 Sub Domains

2 Addon Domains

1 Parked Domain

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business-builder sign: business builder

eCommerce Store



Discounts on 3, 6, & 12 MO Choice

$19.95 Setup Fee

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Up to

50 Business Emails

10 Sub Domains

2 Addon Domains

2 Parked Domains

Shopping Cart/Pay Gateway

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Fully Responsive / Mobile Friendly

Latest Web Technology to go along with latest viewing devices. All of the Website builder designs we offer are fully responsive and mobile friendly

We code according to different screen size, the content as well as the over-all layout of your site template.

Included with all packages as standard:

Attractive website designs developed to be effective. Built with the latest devices in mind. Competitive Packages & Prices.

HTML Coded Designs

START A SITE makes available HTML Bootstrap created templates. Coding like CSS and javascript incorporated as well. Scalable Designs for the building of your website onward.

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Fully Responsive Builder

Be everywhere anytime. Sites built with the Websites Builder-Editor here will work well not only on desktop, but also on mobile devices! Weave your content and ideas into our professional crafted templates, or....

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START A SITE's clients have full control over how they want their site to look, changing content, photos and more, at will.

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