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Search Engine Optimization
To strengthen your website, consistancy and ranking

First step in SEO

Start A Site prepares your Site Audit

Sends you a report of strength & issues to correct.
Ongoing - Report analitics & services completed.

Start A Site Audit

Search Engine Optimization does not produce over-night success. SEO is performed for businesses that is looking for long term. Those that plan on being in business for years, SEO is the way to get you there and create a sustain-ability in rank. Optaining success from this work requires many time schedualed implemintations to show results. Start this process with a Site Audit.

Website Local SEO Plans:

Get more visits and more sales with Search Engine Optimization - That Gets You Listed In More Places.
Creates more Impressions, Page Ranking, Traffic and Conversion

For a quicker and more localized listing

SEO Local Ranking

Start A Site SEO Services

Start A Site focus is on SEO Strategy

Whether you’re a fully developed e-commerce business that depends solely on internet traffic for sales, have a local business with a storefront that relies on foot traffic, or you provide a service at your customer’s location, being listed correctly in directories, search engines, etc. are vital to your site online visability.

Start A Site focus on creating your website correctly using On-Site developments and design. Off-Site SEO Local startagies, by first creating your Online Audit and Analitics report to detect your Social Media site listing strong points and areas that need attention. Making sure your information is where you need it to be and presented correctly. Getting the exposure and traffic from key media sources and search engines requires key applications. Your online presence requirements are addressed and emplimented from your unique business, service or product standpoint. Every website have to be treated differently to get great results. Local SEO is the starting point. Linking to other Key Media sources is another necessary and part of the strategies. We can get your business website activated in these areas using our SEO Applications and Maintenance to assure correct listing, your presence in search results, key authority areas and rank progression

I find businesses want to make sure that their websites are found in search engines and changes made readily. This is a process that can take many hours and months, in order to start seeing results. This is a process that can not work without some effective SEO stratagies, tools and the requirement of maintainence, e.g. persistant follow -up

Start A Site creates Link Building & Listings

We get your site listed correctly in publishers and directories. Network consisting of 70 Sites, Maps, and Apps. We get your website listed in authoritive places, with relating industry commonality

When that needed change to your listing is a priority, Start A Site can have your listing updated and published on the many directories, search engines and social media listing with business information and measages

On some search and publishers sites, a single registration process can take months, before your listing appears. We will work to get it done in less time. Get found, better placement and consistency with Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and other search places by integrating our SEO Applications and Maintenance into your website campaign.

Geting your listing done where it is appearing correctly, and web presence gain rank status, that is great! Maintaince is then required to ensure your position and online information accuracy.

This is an easier process for newly listed websites than those who have been in business for some time and have changed or had incorrect or inconsistent info place on other directories as well as authoritative sites. These sites are hubs that many others get your information from. This could generate hundreds of listings with wrong info. Incorrect information in these directories hurts Google ranking capability.

Start A Site focus is on Your Reviews

Reviews are a significant aspect to your over-all exposure and rank presence in search engines.

Be aware that a review is just that, a consumers report of their experience with your company
Running a likable business gets likable reviews

Aim High - For the Five Star Ratings -

Unfortunatly a bad review can ruin the reputation of your store and hurt your sales. Identify bad reviews on multiple websites, and find problematic customers - before they damage your business. This can be a challenging endeaver, locating and getting poeple to retract their review and getting people to write and leaving positive ones. Start A Site has plans created, to have the positive reviews coming in from interested people. And from sources that benifit you the most.

Start A Site focus is on Social Media Strategies

Increase traffic and backlinks to your site, by engaging in Networks with your industry spicifics e.g Forums, Blogs, Q&A Sites, Social Media

Applications formulations that help you raise your visibility in more places and drive more traffic to your website!

Start A Site Social Media Applications and Maintenance are formulated to best benefit your business, in the needed areas, and heighten your exposure

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Website SEO Plans:

For longivity in position in search engines, ranking and correct listings in directories, well as links from relevent web sources.

Main Benefits:

Listing Management (Google, etc.)

Rank higher in Search Engines

Generate More Traffic and Sales

Fully Managed Plans


Start A Site Audit

Site Strength & Issue Report


One Time

Fix Issues at the beginning SEO

Determine where your strengths are

Find what issues need attention

Affordable - Important Information

Vital part in the SEO journey

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Prime Listed Maintenace Package

Top 70 Search Engines Listings



Automated Submissions

Priority Submissions

SEO Checklist

Google Sitemaps

SEO Email Alerts

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Prime Links Maintenace Package



High-authority links & unique content

Permanent links - no monthly fee

Our most powerful links

Time-out 3 mo span

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Prime SEO Strategy Maintenace Package



6 Mo Duration

You get more traffic & sales!

Mega SEO an all in one premium service

Specialized strategy and schedule

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Great features available in our plans

Below are some of the key features included in all our plans.

Listing Scan

We collect listing data of over 70 sites, checking the assurrance in placement of your website campaign stratigies.

Social Media Management

We will run effective campaigns that are craeted to engage click-through of visitors to your site. Update of your info & fresh content - maintained and instantly available.


One important aspeat in SEO is getting reviews from the audience. Strengthening your online reach, making sure you’re portraying the best version of yourselve — everywhere.

Quality Links Authority Site Articles


Custom Content Creation

Accurate content distributed across multiple listings. A consistancy of content and info concerning your site is maintained in actual time.

Keyword Analysis & Optimization

We take care of everything for you! We understand that every website is unique, so we always start by doing a full audit and extensive keyword research.