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START A SITE is the place for Domain Name Registrations. Registering single or bulk orders for one site or multiple sites. We offer Specialty, Novalty, as well as Indentity and Lifestyle TLDs, to name a few.

New LTD's (extensions) are being created to break-up the generalization of Domain Names, such as using .com (commercial) generally, to more categorize by the name e.g. person or business, the type of site, like business sites, offering what products or what services. StartASite.Host offers an extension that fit the site, the business, the name.

Here at START A SITE you can find some unique TLDs. We offer a wide verity in category and selections that you can choose from, to create that perfect Domain Name.

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The First Step In Online Presence Is Choosing Perfect Domain Names, Which Makes Your Business Unique
Choose one or Choose the Bulk option and Bundle many e.g. .com, .shoes, .sale. .online. This secures your brand in Internet driven Business, Domain Names and Online Identity.
START A SITE have a huge selection of TLDs to attach to your website title for your business name, for example. You can create keyword perfect-fit domain name(s) for your site(s). Below are a few LTDs offered.

And Choose - How Many Years to Register For

Why use Start A Site for Domain Name Services?

START A SITE. The 1 place to shop for your website components and add-ons. Besides a large selection to choose from and Great Packages, we offer over-all Competive Prices.
You can ad sub-domains to your primary domain name. The number of free sub-domains that can be added depends on what package you choose.

Protect your Privacy

Protect your personal information and reduce the amount of spam to your inbox by enabling ID Protection..

Total DNS Control

External DNS Hosting can help speed up your website and improve availability with reduced redundancy.

No Hidden Costs

All charges are desplayed promptly with every product and service we offer.

Generic Domains

TLD Register Transfer Renew
.com $15.53 $16.53 $15.53
.org $16.59 $17.59 $16.59
.net $16.53 $17.53 16.53
.biz $16.82 $17.82 $16.82
.info $15.53 $16.53 $15.53

Geographic Domains

TLD Register Transfer Renew
.nyc $22.99 $31.99 $22.99
.place $34.99 $35.99 $34.99
.city $22.99 $23.99 $22.99
.town $34.99 $35.99 $34.99
.world $34.99 $28.99 $34.99
.global $76.00 $77.00 $76.00

Niche Domains

TLD Register Transfer Renew
.black $49.99 $50.99 $49.99
.cool $31.99 $32.99 $31.99
.family $26.00 $27.00 $26.00
.gallery $20.99. $21.99 $20.99
.expert $49.99 $50.99 $49.99
.hiphop $23.99 $24.99 23.99

Additional business features included with all domain name services, as standard in our packages

Your 1 Place To Shop!
START A SITE offers domain name services with ingredents to make your online presence and marketing implementations work together. Have Start A Site host your domain name along with your website and get these additional features, included in our packages

Website Builder

Build Your Own Website. A Builder never so powerful yet easy-to-use. Your website is on autopilot, all changes you make are immediately available on Internet.

Dashboard & cPanel Access

This dashboard displays your account information & access to the builder. From here you can access your cPanel as well.

Total Sub-Domains

Create additional sites using one primary domain name. Up to 2 Included in Basic Packages. 5 in Pro Packages and 10 in Business Packages.

Branded eMail Addresses

For a more professional appeal, our Basic, Pro and Business Packages include your Business eMail ([email protected]) address.

Multiple eMail Business Addresses

Get 5 in Basic Packages, 10 in Pro, 50 in Business Packages. Buiness email addresses ([email protected]) shows a professional approach.

Website Blacklist Monitoring

Our eMail servers subscribe to one or more blacklists to better filter out messages with a poor reputation, which may generate mail delivery errors.