Start A Site Affiliation Advantages

A Marketing Banner displayed in the footer of your site. Our banners will lead visitors to Start A Site. You earn Commissions for sales generated from banner placed on your site. 

Your Package purchased includes an opportunity to Market yourself, your business.
Your website can also be a revenue device that generates income by Affiliation. You can earn 15% Commissions on Sales lead from your website and social media pages.
Simply by Promoting Your Business by Handing-out Your Business Cards.
Not only can Start A Sites' Affiliation Advantages put the cost of your package back in your pocket, this Affiliation can also continue to generate revenue your way.
Affiliation, a Business Marketing - Money Making opportunity in itself.

The number of Clients that patronize as well as Visitors who offer some thumbs up, advice and/or criticism, by Clicking Here & Writing a Review determines; START A SITE's approval, ranking and business success

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Thank you.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

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