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A New Business
Start A Site is a Website Design and Build Portal
. The 1 Place to Shop for Website Design, Builder Tools & Services. A Flec Marketing Concept. A business that express being open with customers about our business products, services and goals
Working to build a platform and marketplace, Start A Site Website Hosting Portal is in business with your online presence in mind. Being a new and upcoming hosting environment, we know this business must be compitive in price, selection and quality in product and service.

Inovation of Internet Technology is a constant changing learning field of many studies. Start A Site use and provide the latest and most effective tech, along with the best products and services to achieve these means with your convenience, also in mind.

Hi! My name is Larry Martin; Business entrepreneur and this is my vision for
Website Building, Maintaining and Hosting your choice of websites. We provide an attractive setting, and make availible your information to where you need it to be. Creating a comfortable online presence with effective interactive functionality, visuals and safe experience.
Start A Site is my Store, my flagship online marketing concept. Flec Marketing Concepts is my business name.
My goal is to offer services to those who want affective and appealling presentations of themselves and their business. For this, I am happy to offer you my best in quality products and services. Start A Site is open, here to create as well as host your desired web exposure with obtainable SSL, Security, Website Building products and services to bring your idea to virtual online reality.

StartASite.Host servers are maintained, and updated with lasted technologies. Monitoring systems continusly for maximum performance.
We offer our customers reliable and expansive services.

A website can be a great platform that displays your ideas, layed out online, proficient - the way you want, that attracts your target audience.
I am offering services in Web Technology that can put your web creation in an arena of publishers with authority and interest.
I created Start A Site to be the 1 Place to Shop for your Website needs. I hope that you look this website over and Start A Site for yourself, today.

Your purchase can be looked upon as an envestment. The Affiliate program that is offered with Start A Site is geared to do this by creating How To Make Money Online strategies of affiliation. You could earn 15% commissions from those sales. Become an Affiliate of Start A Site by including my banner on your website and generate substantial income for yourself or someone you choose.
For Your Success, We Offer Great Products, Services and Very Competitive Packages.
It is a new beginning, and now I need your business. To get the recongnition this business need, I am offering a Try Before You Buy Builder & Hosting. As a promotion, I have great deals & offers, such as a 30 Day Free Trial that gives you the power to create using our builder or choice in CMS's like Word Press. This is a Promotional offer and is somewhat time-sensitive. Therefor this content must interest you enough to read on and curious enough to try a hands-on domo, convence you to purchase a product or service that is great enough for you to tell others about.
Free Hosting with Custom Site Designs offered as well.

My Business

My Buisness - is Your Business. You know, it's that old slogan to generate business.
With this in mind, my focus is to deliever a great product and service to you - my customers and affiliates.

The number of Clients that patronize as well as Visitors who offer some thumbs up, advice and/or criticism, by Clicking Here & Writing a Review determines START A SITE's approval, ranking and business success. This will make this business stronger in ways of being on point with our customers wants and concerns, their views, their approval. Not only the visitors of this website, also the viewers of sites START A SITE host. You are being assured that I will generate positive and effective practices in my work. Being more aware and in good standards at what I bring to the table.
In a nut shell, I will work hard to make Start A Site to be the 1 Stop Shop for your website needs. My business is to present your business, structured in a Hosting environment, where you can be found from nearly everywhere. This service sends your website on the Internet and displays you, your business in an attractive and effective setting as well as consistant presence. I will apply these methods in the services and products I offer. I look forward to the opportunity to make this happen for you.
I will feature the better functions and features to build with. We (includes the companies I am affiliated with) will offer out-standing website products and services. My guarantee to you.
Your time in visiting and your business with us, is greatly appreciated.
Thank You.

Start A Site Values

From spreading the word about whats happening in your local areas, to broad coverage by paper form, to electronicly covering nations in seconds - We have arrived at a point of awsome availability in communication posibilities.
Now you have the ability to upload information, your ideas and communicate with others/sharing ideas. Those who are looking for total control of what is presented in their online environment, will look at having a website, as a way to market themselves, market online Publications, an online Office or an eCommerce Store. And new ideas to publish and market are created on a constent basis. Got A New Idea? Create It Here!
Start A Site offers premium website packages which include hosting and a builder/editor, giving you the option and control to build in communication moduals to communicate with customers, business persuations or people in general. We have moduals like Live Chat and Discussion Forum systems. You can include Blog page and edit your site at will. Make it/or a Private Page, where a Password is needed to enter. We have arrived at making changes to your site easy, how you want - when you want. Information on How To Build A Website is available.
We also have; Help Center, Personal Assistant and How-To-Videos on deck to walk you through.


Start A Site builds quality in the work we do. We provide quality in our products and service created for our cliental.


Our website as well as yours would be also ran on responsible servers that is monitored to sustain traffic and safty assurance.


Start A Site availablity is monitored and maintained to insure a 99.99% uptime Guarantee.


We offer Website packages with impressive, customizable themes. A wide range of Domain Name Extension/TLTDs, SSL Cert, Security Systems and SEO for your website as well.


All websites that are built and hosted here can be viewed correctly on devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Google Friendly along with great functionality.


We take extra precusions to insure the safty of your website and offer SSL certifications and Security systems to safe-guard your website as well as domain ID protect and other properties.